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Three Tips for Raising a Good Sport

We’ve all seen Mighty Ducks, and we all definitely remember the scene where Coach Gordon says, “They know that if they mess with one duck, they gotta mess with the whole flock!” While Coach Gordon initially starts out as an unwilling participant in the team’s activities, he eventually evolves into a good sport after going through the ups and downs with his team.

Consider Life Sports Fitness your child’s real-life version of the Mighty Ducks. By sending them to one of our after school or summer programs in Coral Springs, Florida, you are ensuring that they will master the art of playing well with others.

Before you send your kids over to us, make sure to check out this list from Life Sports Fitness of three tips for raising a good sport!

  1. Commit your child to both practices and games. No matter how hard you try to plan out your day, something is bound to come up when you have children. However, this does not mean that not being a good sport and skipping a practice is an option; regardless of whether or not they are playing volleyball, basketball, baseball, football, or soccer, signing your kids up for one of our after school programs will show them how their absence negatively affects their team.
  2. Celebrate success as a group. While professional athletes may make a spectacle of themselves when they score a point, this does not mean your child should think that’s okay. Life Sports Fitness will teach your kids how to be a good sport by keeping celebrations low-key.
  3. Cope with losing. No matter what way you slice it, no one wins all the time. By teaching your child how to be a good sport, you not only teach them how to be resilient in the future when things don’t go their way, but also how to congratulate the other team for winning.

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