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Audio Fitness

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Ages 10-14

Audio Fitness: Excersice Your Creativity.

The purpose of the program is to allow musically-inclined youth to develop and hone their talents/skills so that they may build confidence in the world of Pro Audio, and to potentially embark on a music career. It is evident that children have the greatest imagination, so we hope to cultivate our young talent with an encouraging platform for the aspiring artist, DJ, songwriter, composer and producer.

Equipment Access

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9 Week Session


Professional Curriculum:

All of our sessions will be focused on the hands-on, experiential aspect of Pro-Audio, but will naturally begin with the theoretical. Students will learn the theory, and then learn how to put the theory into practice. For example, a session on “Audio Mixing” will begin with exploring basic concepts of EQ (Hz, Khz, DB, etc). Afterwards, the students will take turns experimenting with EQ, with help from our instructors. At the end of every Program, each student will present their own musical creation, whether it be an instrumental, lyrics or finished song, in collaboration with other students in the class. In fact, cross-collaboration with other students in the class will be mandatory as it will also teach them how to build a Team. A YouTube Channel, as well as other forms of Social Media will be created to help distribute student-created musical compositions and bring awareness to the program, which the students will also learn to manage.

Inspiring various paths of creativity:

Every student will go through a basic studio orientation, after which they will then be allowed to choose their preferred focus, whether it be beat making, songwriting or recording engineering. We will arrange for guest speakers, in all departments, to inspire the students with their experiences, as well as impart exclusive knowledge of the Music Industry.

Musicians are like athetes, in other words, requiring bodies as highly trained of those of Olympians

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