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About Our Program

Life Sports Fitness is a non profit youth development program that focuses on teaching life skills and core values through sportsfitness, education and the arts. As a non profit our goal is to scholarship as many students as possible to all of our programming. With your contribution we can give a kid a valuable education via fitness or wellness that he or she otherwise may not have.
  • $100 will scholarship one student into a variety of our speciality programs
  • $200 will scholarship one student for a month in our after school program
  • $1000 Will scholarship 5 students for a month in our after school program.
Please contact us if you like any additional information before making your donation.

Why Should You Donate

With your valuable contribution it gives us an opportunity to assist the kid that may otherwise be wasting their time on activities that may negatively hinder them in the future. Every child does not have the access to positive after school programs that can have a lasting impact so, every little bit helps towards  making a big difference in the lives of our youth. Additionally, donating to a worthy cause could set a great example for peers or your own children and may instill a desire to share, as well as serve that will last throughout their lives. All the money you donate to charity can be taken as a deduction on your tax return. Although, this isn’t the main reason I’d suggest donating to our non-profit organization, it is a nice bonus. Keep records of money or property you donate so you can itemize correctly on your tax forms. For any additional information before making your donation, please contact us. We would be more than happen to answer any and all your questions and concerns.
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For additional information on how to contribute, please call 954-649-0020 or send us message.

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