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Drone Racing

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Ages 8-16

Drone Racing

What is drone racing?  Drone Racing is A high-speed competitive sport where drone pilots fly quad-copter drones through obstacle courses at speeds up to 120mph. First-person-view goggles display a real-time video feed from the perspective of the drone. These custom-built drones are designed for speed, agility, and performance. This new and innovative activity has taken the world by storm and is a lot of fun for individuals of all ages.

Intro To Drone Technology:

Students will learn the fascinating history of non military drones and the evolution of drone technology. They will also be introduced to the many use cases of drones as well as the possible career paths within the drone industry.

How a Drone Works:

Students will learn how a drone works and how all the individual pieces and
electronics communicate with one another to allow the drone to fly.
Students will be given a brief flight demo and will be able to see how
the camera and first person view work.

Drone Racing:

Drone Racing is a exciting new competitive racing sport. Pilots fly quad-copter drones through amazingly design three-dimensional courses. These drones are custom built for speed, agility, and performance. Pilots steer from the point of view of the drone by wearing First Person View (FPV) goggles that display a live image transmitted by an onboard camera. Flying a drone competitively in FPV is a fun, interactive experience.

Once the curriculum is completed the participants will be given a brief recap of all the theories they have learned. Then they will be broken into groups where they will compete against each other in a drone exercise and race.

Drone Technology - 6 Week Program


Ages 8-16Transportation AvailableFrom Select Schools6 Week Program

After School Program

Runs once a week for 6 weeks, each class is 90 minutes

New Program Starting in January 

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