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Ages 6-14


Fun & Tumblers Class: Fun and Tumblers is a mixed all levels gymnastics class for children ages 6-14 yrs. Beginning tumbling skills are introduced while strengthening and conditioning are incorporated in class. Children will learn how to safely execute forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels in a fun & safe environment. Students already skilled in the fundamentals will be challenged and continue to improve as all skills are taught progressively. All students are welcome. (45 min)

Mary E. Wright

Little Buddhas Yoga



Intermediate Tumbling Class:

Intermediate Tumbling Class is for the student who is ready and has mastered the basics in both ability and proficiency (rolls, handstands, & cartwheels.) Students will learn front & back walkovers, round-offs, and continue to learn variations of handstands & cartwheels. When students are ready, instruction for both front and back handspring will be introduced. Class will also focus on improving flexibility, strengthening and conditioning in a fun, enthusiastic environment. Class is open for children ages 6-14, placement approved by Mary E. Wright. (45 min)


Advanced Gymnastics/Acro:

Advanced Gymnastics/Acro class is for the advanced gymnast who needs fine-tuning and polishing their current skills. Instruction for front handsprings, back handsprings, tucks and aerials will be taught. Students must have solid walkovers, strong handstand work along with the ability to advance both physically and mentally. Strength training, conditioning, and stretching for increased flexibility will be a strong portion of the class as well as focused work on skills.



6 Week ProgamSpecialty Program

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